Saturday, April 19, 2014

Is Another American Civil War Brewing?

THERE IS CURRENTLY bitter anger and resentment brewing in the boiling pot of American discontent with the tyranny being exhibited by our federal government as well as some state governments. When one thinks about it, history does have a tendency to repeat itself. Our federal government is not only out of touch with the average American, but all three branches consisting of the Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary, forget from whom or what they derive their authority to govern. They all need a basic refresher course in American history, civics, and economics, as well as a good swift kick in their butts for putting our nation at serious risk domestically and internationally.

WE ARE PRESENTLY at another defining moment in American history wherein Americans must determine once and for all whether we are going to be guided and governed by the US Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, or whether we are going to continue to be governed by elected officials and judges who only pay quaint lip service to that remarkable contract. It is extraordinarily ironic that our elected officials must pledge allegiance to the Constitution when they are sworn into office with the vow that they will obey and defend it, yet when they assume office and govern, many either neglect the Constitution or they totally sidestep that very oath they promised to obey! Do words and oaths of allegiance continue to mean anything anymore in this country, or have such obligatory oaths recited by various elected officials every two to four years become nothing more than just benign, hackneyed ceremonies of frivolity? Apparently that is so. The picture of Dorothy above sheds some light as to how Americans' constitutional rights are being trampled upon by the federal government. In addition to the list pictured above, the federal government is also guilty of: attempting to confiscate our arms;  brown nosing Muslims; cozying up to the United Nations and internationalist bankers; forcing the unconstitutional ObamaCare that is reeking havoc and unprecedented financial hardship upon the American people and business while using the strong arm of the IRS bullies to enforce it; trampling upon the sovereign rights of the states guaranteed them by the Tenth Amendment; using the power of the IRS to target conservative groups such as the Tea Party; spying on God-fearing Americans through the NSA; relegating American Christians and Christianity to third class status or irrelevancy; thrashing and mocking the Constitution; spitting upon our history and the faces of our Founding Fathers and everything they sacrificed for this nation; illegally intimidating and threatening the lives of innocent Americans such as Cliven Bundy, cowboys, state militias, and protesters in Nevada; setting up illegal and restrictive "Free Speech Zones;" decimating and undermining America's Armed Forces; militarizing our local police forces and sheriff departments; and the list goes on and on ad nauseam.

THE FOLLOWING TWO maps reveal the mind-boggling extent of the illegal land grab of the federal government upon various western states, revealing just how much of the West the BLM owns. Various members of state legislatures including Montana, Nevada, Idaho, and Utah have held private meetings in Salt Lake City, discussing plans and strategies as to how they can reclaim their land from the tyrannical federal government. The federal government has also federalized the states' National Guards, and fourteen state governors are currently preparing to establish their own citizen militias in order to protect their citizens from the federal government. This is a repeat of 1776.

THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY has been hijacked by radical, secular-progressive extremists of the likes of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, to name just a few, who have forsaken the wise words of John F. Kennedy when he said:

     ...The right of the individual against the state has ever been one of our most cherished political principles. The American Constitution has set down for all men to see the essentially Christian and American principle, that there are certain rights held by every man which no government and no
majority, however powerful, can deny. Conceived in Grecian thought, strengthened by Christian morality and stamped indelibly into American political philosophy, the right of the individual 
against the state is the keystone of our Constitution. Each man is free.
    He is free in thought.
    He is free in expression.
    He is free in worship. 

HERE IS WHAT contemporary Democrats have resorted to....shamefully engaging in un-American politically correct hate speech, thoughts, and actions. Democrats and their political party have become the quintessential schoolyard bullies. Any mainstream American individual or conservative group who dares to disagree with their nefarious agenda while advocating for the opposing point of view might very well be castigated with the following litany of names by such leftists: right-wingers, rednecks, hillbillies, uneducated simpletons, gun-toting clingers to religion, unenlightened idiots, haters, intolerant bigots, racists, anti-public education, anti-immigrant, anti-choice, anti-environment, anti-African American, anti-Hispanic, mobsters, Nazis, Brownshirts, theocratic Christian radicals, conservative radio talk-show lackeys, Tea Baggers, town hall thugs, Southerners--and the list of terms goes on and on. You get the picture. Well, in reality, they would actually be describing the following citizens: Americans who devoutly believe in God, Blue-Dog Democrats, Reagan Democrats, Conservatives, Independents, Republicans of all stripes, Libertarians, Moderates, Fly-Over Countrymen, and Red-state Southerners. In other words, they are describing the vast majority of Americans who call the United States "home." Welcome to the club! And most add fuel to the fire, if any Patriot dared to show up and protest against the BLM at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, armed or unarmed, to help support and protect fellow innocent Americans against the BLM snipers, etc., Harry Reid is now calling such Americans..."Domestic Terrorists!" Do the Cowboys at the ranch pictured above resemble domestic terrorists to you? I think not, however, they do resemble American Patriots responding in the American tradition of daring to stand up to the tyranny of the Feds and their unconstitutional activities being perpetrated against American ranchers and the states. In addition, President Obama and Eric Holder have recently dared to accuse those Americans who disagree with them on policy matters, political philosophy, etc., as being racists. No longer is it acceptable to disagree with these politicians on the merits of their political philosophy and polices without being labeled a racist. Such ninnies are losing favor even with people belonging to their own party, so their typical response and strategy is to label conservatives as radical haters, domestic terrorists, and women haters.

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are long suffering, but if our own history teaches us one thing, it is the fact that we will only tolerate the tyranny we are currently be subjected to for so long. American citizens are rising,  Christians and traditional Jews are rising, states are rising, governors are rising, military veterans are rising. If another Civil War occurs in the near future, it will not be a war fought over slavery or one fought between the North against the South. It will be a war pitting sovereign states against the ever increasing intrusive power and stranglehold of the federal government over our states' rights and individual rights. It will also be a war fought between conservatives and liberals. Conservative Patriots will stand up and sacrifice our lives, if necessary, to tame the wild federal beast as well as secular-liberals who are roaming about ready to devour anyone and anything that dares to challenge them. Are you listening Washington DC? Are you Democrats truly prepared to meet the juggernaut that is building from coast to coast? Is another Civil War brewing? I truly hope not, but only time will tell. God help us all.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Day Of Reckoning Is At Hand

MILLIONS OF AMERICANS nationwide are gearing up for one hell of a fight in 2014. Grassroots organizations such as Red Nation Rising, The Traditional American Movement, The Tea Party, III%, etc., are mobilizing because of the tyranny, lies, and corruption being paraded before us on a level rarely seen in our great nation.

AMERICANS ARE FED UP with the political sophistry being bantered about by Obama and his cronies including the following: our president being caught with his pants down as a result of his multiple lies; Obama's empty rhetoric and broken promises openly on display before the American people; King Obama's parlor games and Chicago-style shenanigans being played out in order to pass his unconstitutional ObamaCare without so much as ONE single Republican vote in Congress. This administration also has the blood of American innocents on its hands as a result of Benghazi and Fast and Furious. His majesty-in-chief modifies the law (ObamaCare) at his own whim, to suit his own purpose and agenda without consulting or seeking the legal approval of Congress, and we are at the point whereby several federal justices are now saying he is breaking the law. Precisely where is the outrage being expressed in Congress? The House of Representatives should be drafting articles of impeachment against this nation's executive lawbreaker. Is there no shame? One of the seven principles of the Constitution stipulates that no one is above the law.

OUR ARMED FORCES are being gutted, feminized, and sissified by the current administration. Our commander-in-chief and Congress are shamefully playing fast and loose with our veterans' pensions, and many such veteran heroes lack the necessary and full complement of medical care when coming home as a result of risking their lives abroad for all Americans while suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, loss of limbs, etc. Civilians are ponying up private donations in order to fund the activities and medical support of organizations such as Wounded Warriors. Blessed be to God that ordinary, hard working Americans are stepping up to the plate and filling in the gap while our federal government is preoccupied with funding programs for our nation's deadbeats and freeloaders. On average, 22 veterans are taking their own lives on a daily basis because of this travesty. Active duty Christian soldiers and chaplains are being persecuted and silenced for speaking about their faith as if the US Constitution they are risking their lives to defend has scarce application in their own lives.

OUR TRADITIONAL, Judaic/Christian morality is under constant attack from the secular-leftist weapons of mass destruction like no other time in our history as evidenced with the annual "War on Christmas" and the marginalizing, castigation, and name calling leveled toward those Americans who simply want to preserve and engage in traditional morality and ethics that have been the cornerstone of this nation's foundation for hundreds of years. Secular-liberals and atheists now have the complete support of the Obama administration and the majority of our politicians in Congress as well as the leftist media and Hollywood loons that affect our culture. Our court system is running amok and trampling on the constitutional rights of the majority of America's citizens. Our president and other politicians in some states are brown nosing Muslims and their organizations, giving Sharia Law authority over the US Constitution. America's public school system is controlled by secular-liberals, their unions, and as a direct result, the education of our youth is in decline and non-competitive with other nations while leftist psycho-babble is being shoved down our children's throats-only to be continued while they are attending college. Many parents are neglecting their parental duties and allowing their children to become narcissistic. Such parents need to take a good look in the mirror for some self-examination before seeking out scapegoats to blame for the dismal failure of their children in school and society. The federal government is taking more authority away from the states and the individual that our Founding Fathers guaranteed us in the Constitution since the beginning of the Republic. Another example is the Obama administration federalizing our police force and providing local law enforcement with military-style armored vehicles, much to the chagrin and fear of local citizens. As a nation, we have lost sight of our history, our vision, our sacred traditions, and traditional morality as our rudderless ship of state can accomplish no greater feat than to draw ridiculous paths of circular doughnuts upon the sea. Indeed, the former silent majority of this nation is now angry and absolutely fed up.

A DAY OF RECKONING is at hand in 2014. Traditional Americans are going to crack the whip as those of us who are members of the aforementioned grassroots organizations are organizing, rising, becoming more vocal, and beginning to become ardent political activists. We are the movers and the shakers who are going to take back our country in November of 2014 from those domestic enemies of the state who are destroying this country from within and trampling upon America's sacred founding documents, the Declaration of Independence as well as the US Constitution which is the supreme law of the land. We have had our belly fill of the dubious and duplicitous actions of those politicians in both political parties in Washington D.C. who have lost sight of the fact that their authority to govern is derived from the American people. They are going to be reminded of this in 2014, 2016, and beyond. We have resurrected the Spirit of 1776 once again as we take on the contemporary role of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty who confronted the tyranny of King George III and Parliament of England during the 18th Century. A day of reckoning is at hand.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Book Excerpt #8-The Sissification of America

From Chapter 7: Every Child Left Behind

Author's Note: At the time my book was published, Common Core was not at the forefront of controversy and public discussion. Therefore, it is not addressed in this chapter. However, the unconstitutional No Child Left Behind Act, the predecessor to Common Core and brainchild of President Bush and the Republicans in Congress is thoroughly discussed, analyzed, and delightfully debunked.

...The American people are continually bombarded with a barrage of platitudes coming from a variety of sources concerning the so-called "deplorable state" of America's public schools. Some criticisms are justified while others are not. However, there certainly is is no shortage of supposed "experts" in the complicated field of education as these know-it-alls include the following: professors, journalists, preachers, op-ed commentators, radio talk-show hosts, civil libertarians, and cable television news commentators. They all claim to be oracles of divine wisdom when it comes to this particular arena, yet rarely does one ever hear an actual teacher's perspective on any of the educational issues confronting us today.

Teachers across our fruited plain just love it when politicians of all political stripes chime in during every single state and national election as to what needs to be done to "fix" our schools, as if the nation's teachers and schools were nothing better than political pawns to be moved and manipulated about on the latest political chessboard! Now bear in mind, these political paragons of educational expertise are the same incompetent ninnies who are bankrupting their own state economies as well as our national economy, and they are the same cast of characters who are woefully mismanaging the people's business while displaying incompetence and malfeasance of duty on a grand scale. Yet they have the unmitigated effrontery to point and wag their fingers at the nation's public school teachers and lecture us as to how we are collectively failing the nation's schoolchildren!....

As practicing educators, why should any of us seriously listen to or pay heed to such political yokels who are incapable of properly discharging their own duties as governors, legislators, judges, or even presidents-both past and present-of the United States!  Perhaps if they were to keep their own castles of political wizardry in respectable functioning order, teachers might be inclined to listen to some of their suggestions, but such pompous politicians have very little credibility with me and many of my colleagues on both sides of the political aisle. Besides, precisely how many of these loquacious political windbags are experienced educators themselves? Do they hold advanced degrees in education? Do they have so much as a smidgen of experience teaching in any of our nation's public elementary, middle, or high school classrooms? I would be willing to bet the family farm (if I had one) that the vast majority of them do not. No, what we have instead are a bunch of overweening know-it-all politicians who are peering through rose-colored glasses as to how their own classrooms of yesteryear may have possibly looked when compared to the classrooms of today. Our society has changed enormously and quite radically over the past fifty years as this book has effectively illustrated throughout its chapters, yet according to these political sages, America's current classrooms should magically reflect the culture, curriculum, and values of, say, Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best, or Ozzie and Harriet of the 1950s and 1960s. Amazing, isn't it? We are certainly no longer living in the land of Father Knows Best, as was clarified in chapter six of this book. On the contrary, we are occupying the land of Father Knows Nothing!....

...For some very peculiar reason, America has forgotten the fact that the primary function of teachers in school is to "instruct" curriculum and "evaluate" student progress. Indeed, teachers should also strive to the best of their ability to encourage and motivate their students to excel academically to the greatest extent possible, and some teachers do a better job at this than others. We are not, however, miracle workers or demigods, and last I heard, we have not collectively been bestowed with the title of "Sainthood" by the Pope in Rome or with the ceremonial title of "Knighthood" by Queen Elizabeth II in London, England. I will remind every American of the old adage that states, "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink from it."...

Once again, teachers cannot control all of the various negative external factors children bring into our classrooms, as was pointed out by the conservative commentator, Tomas Sowell, nor should we unrealistically be held accountable for the absence of intrinsic motivation with at least a third of today's student population. As teachers, we cannot force the students to complete their homework, we cannot force them to attend school regularly, and we cannot force them to study at home for their quizzes and tests because we are not their parents. We are their teachers, no more, no less! Simply put, at some point, and the teachers of this nation certainly hope it is in the very near future, poorly behaved miscreants as well as lazy students must ultimately be held responsible for their own actions and academic failure....In the overall scheme of things, ladies and gentlemen, very little will change for the better in America unless we all take responsibility for this as concerned and informed citizens-regardless of political persuasion. We must seize the auspicious moment and act decisively upon it. Our nation could have classrooms scattered about coast to coast, staffed with the most brilliant and highly educated teachers with multiple graduate degrees, and they could also be the world's best instructors, communicators, and entertainers....Nevertheless, to metaphorically use the game of baseball as a comparison, it is about time the American people step up to the plate so we may collectively hit a home run of truth, proceed to run from base to base with boldness, and collectively sing an educational rendition of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" before it is too late. The ninth inning is almost over!....

Conservative advocates of vouchers cite other concerns as to why they need educational alternatives for their children. As a nation, we are witnessing an alarming trend in the teaching of revisionist American history to our children with some textbooks emphasizing a progressive tilt as well as a world viewpoint of history and politics....

In addition, we are also witnessing an appalling ignorance on the part of the American people in general as to their inability to accurately recall American historical facts and events, as well as the display of their increasing ignorance of the lasting influence and legacy our nation's Founding Fathers left us, especially with regard to the US Constitution....

One example I could cite is when Fox News recently reported on a particular incident whereby Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer of New York stated in an interview on CNN in 2011 that the federal government consists of three branches: the Senate, The House of Representatives, and the presidency. In the first place, both the Senate and the House of Representatives comprise one branch of the federal government, the Legislative Branch. What does Senator Schumer think the US Supreme Court and the federal courts of appeals belong to, an imaginary fourth branch?....Conservatives would be well within their right to call into question the quality of schools that matriculated such individuals during their adolescent and collegiate years. Were such progressive politicians educated in public schools, private schools, or both?....

The American people were treated to another humiliating moment when former presidential candidate Barack Obama remarked publicly a few years back while campaigning in Beaverton, Oregon, that America has fifty-seven states....Then there is the fine and upstanding moment when on Friday, February 5, 2010, while speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama repeatedly referred to Navy Corpsman Christian Brossard as "Corpse-man."....

....This is but one of many reasons as to why our nation is in serious decline: as a society, we are tolerating mediocrity at all levels. Shouldn't the American people, at the very least, hold such national figures to a much higher degree of educational standards and excellence-regardless of their political party?....Perhaps it is high time the American people propose a new amendment be added to the Constitution that would require every potential political candidate running for Congress and the presidency to pass-with flying colors-an extensive exam on the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution, American history, American civics, and American geography before being permitted to campaign for public office, much less be elected to serve in public office. It is about time the American people give our politicians a taste of their own medicine: we could appropriately designate this new amendment The No Politician Left Behind Amendment....

If you enjoyed reading this excerpt from chapter seven of my book, there is a wealth of other information and stories as well as numerous humorous anecdotes within this chapter-including seven proposals that this conservative public school teacher presents to the American people as possible solutions that could fix what ails our public school system. They will certainly raise eyebrows as they are most controversial. But to discover what they are, you will need to order a copy of my award-winning book, The Sissification of America.