Saturday, November 17, 2012

America R.I.P. Will This Be Our Epitaph?

It has been a couple of weeks since the elections, but the dust has not yet settled. Americans are divided more than ever before. We are engulfed by government scandal with regard to four dead Americans, including one of our ambassadors. The mainstream media is a joke in this country, and they have no credibility whatsoever with at least half of the American people because they no longer report with objectivity. They were willing campaign workers for President Obama. Provable, voter fraud throughout the nation exists on a massive scale. Many of our citizens have petitioned the White House for a peaceful secession from the Union. Both large and small businesses are either laying off thousands of workers or reducing them to part time work in order to stay in business because of the exorbitant costs linked to ObamaCare. Many businesses are going belly-up because they can no longer compete because of federal and state regulations as well as having to cope with the thugs and bullies of union workers and bosses. Just look at the company Hostess for proof of this! The stock market is taking a sound beating! All of this was predicted to happen if Obama was re-elected, and it is a prophecy come true. My fellow Americans, here are some of my additional post-election thoughts.

Half of the American electorate enthusiastically voted for the following:

* Their approval of the continued growth of secular-progressivism that is waging a war upon our Judeo-Christian heritage including its annual War on Christmas and Hanukkah.

* Their approval of the vile entertainment industry that is also waging its own war upon American traditional values and morality.

* Their approval of the un-American agenda being perpetrated by vile and powerful groups such as the ACLU, People for the American Way, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State, to name just a few.

* Their approval of the progressives' continual assault on the U.S. Constitution, thereby relegating it to the ash heap of history.

* Their approval of a leviathan federal government and its total dominance over both individual and states' rights.

* Their approval of an economy that continues to list more and more socialistic.

* Their approval of a weakened military defense and smaller role of American influence around the world.

* Their approval of ceding our national sovereignty over to the United Nations and the World Court.

* Their approval of continuing to throw Israel under the bus.

* Their approval of open borders.

* Their approval of a public school system that continues to be nothing but a wholly owned subsidiary and propagandist arm of the Democratic Party.

* Their approval of a university system of higher education that is also a wholly owned subsidiary and propagandist arm of the Democratic Party that is brainwashing our young people with liberal, secular-progressive psychobabble.

* Their approval of an "entitlement mentality" and society where hard work is no longer valued.

* Their approval of the continued growth, influence, and power of the "nanny state."

* Their approval of parents ceding their own authority over their own children to the "nanny state."

* Their approval of the appointment of federal magistrates to the Supreme Court and federal courts of appeals who blur the lines of delineation of powers between the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches of government, thereby functioning more and more in the role of black robed "oligarchs" and "Greek gods and goddesses," dispensing edicts down upon their subjects from "Mount Olympus" rather than functioning as judges ruling in the manner prescribed for them under Article III of the U.S. Constitution.

This is what half of America voted for on November 6, 2012! Is it too late to turn this national nightmare around? I do not believe so. My book, The Sissification of America: A Fifty-Year Decline in American Exceptionalism, provides a plan of action as well as a path for Americans to embark upon in order that we may return our great county to the traditional American values and virtues we are so known for by the rest of the world. To read this action plan, take the time to view my video book trailer on this website, buy my book, READ it, spread the word for others to to likewise, and help rekindle a City upon a Hill before it is too late. Decide! Otherwise, prepare for America to follow in the footsteps of ancient Rome!