Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Day Of Reckoning Is At Hand

MILLIONS OF AMERICANS nationwide are gearing up for one hell of a fight in 2014. Grassroots organizations such as Red Nation Rising, The Traditional American Movement, The Tea Party, III%, etc., are mobilizing because of the tyranny, lies, and corruption being paraded before us on a level rarely seen in our great nation.

AMERICANS ARE FED UP with the political sophistry being bantered about by Obama and his cronies including the following: our president being caught with his pants down as a result of his multiple lies; Obama's empty rhetoric and broken promises openly on display before the American people; King Obama's parlor games and Chicago-style shenanigans being played out in order to pass his unconstitutional ObamaCare without so much as ONE single Republican vote in Congress. This administration also has the blood of American innocents on its hands as a result of Benghazi and Fast and Furious. His majesty-in-chief modifies the law (ObamaCare) at his own whim, to suit his own purpose and agenda without consulting or seeking the legal approval of Congress, and we are at the point whereby several federal justices are now saying he is breaking the law. Precisely where is the outrage being expressed in Congress? The House of Representatives should be drafting articles of impeachment against this nation's executive lawbreaker. Is there no shame? One of the seven principles of the Constitution stipulates that no one is above the law.

OUR ARMED FORCES are being gutted, feminized, and sissified by the current administration. Our commander-in-chief and Congress are shamefully playing fast and loose with our veterans' pensions, and many such veteran heroes lack the necessary and full complement of medical care when coming home as a result of risking their lives abroad for all Americans while suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, loss of limbs, etc. Civilians are ponying up private donations in order to fund the activities and medical support of organizations such as Wounded Warriors. Blessed be to God that ordinary, hard working Americans are stepping up to the plate and filling in the gap while our federal government is preoccupied with funding programs for our nation's deadbeats and freeloaders. On average, 22 veterans are taking their own lives on a daily basis because of this travesty. Active duty Christian soldiers and chaplains are being persecuted and silenced for speaking about their faith as if the US Constitution they are risking their lives to defend has scarce application in their own lives.

OUR TRADITIONAL, Judaic/Christian morality is under constant attack from the secular-leftist weapons of mass destruction like no other time in our history as evidenced with the annual "War on Christmas" and the marginalizing, castigation, and name calling leveled toward those Americans who simply want to preserve and engage in traditional morality and ethics that have been the cornerstone of this nation's foundation for hundreds of years. Secular-liberals and atheists now have the complete support of the Obama administration and the majority of our politicians in Congress as well as the leftist media and Hollywood loons that affect our culture. Our court system is running amok and trampling on the constitutional rights of the majority of America's citizens. Our president and other politicians in some states are brown nosing Muslims and their organizations, giving Sharia Law authority over the US Constitution. America's public school system is controlled by secular-liberals, their unions, and as a direct result, the education of our youth is in decline and non-competitive with other nations while leftist psycho-babble is being shoved down our children's throats-only to be continued while they are attending college. Many parents are neglecting their parental duties and allowing their children to become narcissistic. Such parents need to take a good look in the mirror for some self-examination before seeking out scapegoats to blame for the dismal failure of their children in school and society. The federal government is taking more authority away from the states and the individual that our Founding Fathers guaranteed us in the Constitution since the beginning of the Republic. Another example is the Obama administration federalizing our police force and providing local law enforcement with military-style armored vehicles, much to the chagrin and fear of local citizens. As a nation, we have lost sight of our history, our vision, our sacred traditions, and traditional morality as our rudderless ship of state can accomplish no greater feat than to draw ridiculous paths of circular doughnuts upon the sea. Indeed, the former silent majority of this nation is now angry and absolutely fed up.

A DAY OF RECKONING is at hand in 2014. Traditional Americans are going to crack the whip as those of us who are members of the aforementioned grassroots organizations are organizing, rising, becoming more vocal, and beginning to become ardent political activists. We are the movers and the shakers who are going to take back our country in November of 2014 from those domestic enemies of the state who are destroying this country from within and trampling upon America's sacred founding documents, the Declaration of Independence as well as the US Constitution which is the supreme law of the land. We have had our belly fill of the dubious and duplicitous actions of those politicians in both political parties in Washington D.C. who have lost sight of the fact that their authority to govern is derived from the American people. They are going to be reminded of this in 2014, 2016, and beyond. We have resurrected the Spirit of 1776 once again as we take on the contemporary role of the Sons and Daughters of Liberty who confronted the tyranny of King George III and Parliament of England during the 18th Century. A day of reckoning is at hand.