Sunday, October 12, 2014

Their Sacrifice, Our Sacrifice

THEY SAY A PICTURE is worth a thousand words. If that is true, please take a few minutes my fellow Americans and glance at the following pictures and seriously contemplate the sacrifices previous generations have made for America as well as the sacrifices our current generation is making for our country. Reflect upon these when voting for our representatives in government this coming election. The very survival of our nation is at stake.



WHEN CASTING YOUR vote in November, are the leaders you are voting for the ones who are willing to stand up and be counted for the values all of these people pictured represent? We are at a critical juncture in American history my fellow Americans, and we owe it to all of these heroes, past and present, to preserve and protect our cherished Constitution, our cherished history, our cherished traditions, and our cherished virtues of exceptionalism. Decide!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

The New American Reservations

AMERICAN HISTORY is repeating itself in a most interesting, yet frightening manner. During the 1800s, millions of Native Americans were rounded up during the Indian Wars that included Sand Creek, Little Big Horn, and Wounded Knee while men, women, and children were placed in government housing--namely reservations or "Agencies" which was the preferred term used by federal politicians and federal agents. The government strategy to defeat, control and subjugate the various tribes included the following:

* Confiscate their arms.
* Force them on reservations where ultimate control could 
   be exercised.
* Denigrate, undermine, and destroy their culture and way 
   of life.
* Make them totally dependent on the federal government for
   all of their necessities.
* Force their children to attend federal government schools 
   in order to mold them into the image the government 
   desired through brainwashing techniques.
* Destroy their vital source of sustenance by almost driving the 
   buffalo to the point of extinction.
* Destroy their warrior spirit.
* Destroy their independent spirit and self-reliance.
* Mock their religion, distort it into something savage which is 
   totally opposite of what it truly is.
* Use the media to spread lies about the battles, the culture, the 
   intent of their chiefs, etc.
* Break every treaty negotiated with the various tribes while stealing
   their lands under the guise of what it is in the best interest of 
   the country.

Of COURSE, brave and resolute tribal leaders such as Sitting Bull, Red Cloud, Crazy Horse, Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Black Kettle, etc., saw through the government lies, broken promises, and outright deceit of the federal government, and they gave it their all to protect their tribes, try and keep their land, maintain their culture and traditions, and restore their dignity as people. Unfortunately, the Native Americans were outnumbered and out gunned.

FAST FORWARD to the 21st Century and we see the federal government engaging in the following reprehensible practices: They are attempting to confiscate the guns of law abiding American citizens in total violation of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. They are establishing FEMA camps with which to imprison Americans in the event of martial law. The government is denigrating, undermining, and effectively destroying our traditional culture and way of life. Millions of Americans are totally dependent on the state and federal governments as we are being transformed into a nation of deadbeats and freeloaders by way of the welfare state and socialism so that politicians may remain in power. Our children are being compelled to attend government-controlled schools because most parents can't afford to send their children to expensive private schools. The federal government is effectively transforming  our children from thinking and behaving like "little Democrats" so that they will grow up into thinking and behaving like "big Democrats" through the brainwashing techniques and tools of Common Core. The fighting spirit and political dissent of Americans are being stifled and subjugated through the application  of political correctness which is being permitted to run amok. The federal government is destroying the traditional American virtue of self-reliance by eliminating most American manufacturing, industry, jobs, energy production, etc., and replacing such enterprises with the welfare state and government jobs. The government is mocking, undermining, and destroying our traditional Christian faith and its cherished traditions that have been a part of America's culture for centuries while twisting Christianity into being some manifestation of radical lunacy--claiming adherents of the faith are bigoted and intolerant and are no longer relevant in today's more enlightened society. All forms of the media and entertainment industry are being manipulated into spreading the secular-progressive agenda in order that liberals will be in a powerful position to take complete control of the country. The federal government is shamefully using and abusing the power of federal agencies such as the IRS, the BLM, and the EPA with which to steal our land,  confiscate our private property,  manipulate, and control every aspect of our lives.  The liberties of Americans are in dire jeopardy.

WELCOME TO the new American reservations my fellow Patriots. One would think we would have learned from history, but apparently that is not the case. I delve much more into the unbridled power of the federal government and how it is destroying the unique vision set down for us by our Founding Fathers. If you are as concerned, angry, and fed up as I am, please purchase my award-winning book, The Sissification of America. Read it, spread the word, and let's reclaim our country before it is too late. Education is the first step to acquiring power. The secular-liberals understand this. Do you?