Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Old America; We Really Miss You!

When President Obama promised the American people that "change" was coming, he managed to keep that promise. Millions of Americans are finally waking up to the fact that this metamorphosis is not at all what we bargained for as it is transforming this nation into a Western European puppet of socialism and military weakness. This president is one of the most secular-liberal and tyrannical leaders America has ever been subjected to, and America's historical greatness and virtues of exceptionalism are at serious risk of being dissevered from our unique past. What precisely has gone wrong, and what must be done to reverse course?

Foreign Policy:

Our European allies, France and Germany, are rightfully furious with the Obama administration because it has been caught with its pants down with regard to spying on them and their leaders. Now they know how Americans feel, especially since this whole spying nonsense is unconstitutional with regard to our own country. But is this policy the best way to solidify our relationship with friends we need at this point in time? I think not. It is an embarrassment for our people and the nation. President Obama has lost credibility internationally, and he appears as an inept, inexperienced ninny to the entire world, and that perception is accurate. We miss the old America.

The Military:

Under President Obama and the Democrats, our Armed Forces are becoming more and more "sissified" and traditional military leaders and veterans are increasingly becoming more alarmed with the direction the Pentagon and Department of Defense are taking our men and women in uniform. I have personally conversed with a number of my friends who currently are on active duty, and they have all expressed dissatisfaction and disgust with the changes currently taking place that are harming national security and the morale of our troops. We miss the old America.

The Great Divider:

President Obama and his Democratic sheeple have divided the American people to the point that we are beginning to reflect the type of resentment and bitter attitudes similar to what we experienced during the 1860s when we were engaged in the Civil War. As a people, we are sharply divided not only along political lines, but cultural, religious, economic, educational, military, foreign policy, and national vision lines as well. As the old saying goes, "Without a vision, a people perish." We miss the old America.

Economic Depression:

Yes, I do mean a fiscal Depression. What exactly do I mean? Statistics and news analysis clearly point out the fact that we have become a nation of people that are more dependent than ever on long-term governmental assistance than any time in American history which includes welfare, food stamps, housing assistance, student loan assistance, utilities assistance, health care assistance, and the list goes on. Because of Obamacare, literally hundreds of thousands of Americans coast to coast are being cut off from their insurance policies. Those that still remain covered by individual and group policies are seeing their policy rates being doubled and tripled as well as deductibles rising sharply. Doctors are dropping their patients because of costs, etc. Remember when President Obama sold us a HUGE lie saying insurance costs would decline, we could keep our current insurance policies if we were happy, keep our doctors, etc? President Obama and the Democrats are not only being disingenuous with the American people, they are the quintessential  "snake oil salesmen" that would do such 19th century itinerant charlatans proud. Employers are either firing employees right and left or significantly reducing their hours to part-time employment due to the explosive costs and regulations of Obamacare which is transforming America into a nation of part-time workers. No wonder millions of Americans prefer to live off of the government dole whereby it is much easier for them to do so rather than trying to make ends meet by working two or three part time jobs with no benefits. We are no longer a nation of producers, but we are becoming a nation of takers and freeloaders. Yet, isn't it interesting that those of us who are producers within the middle class are not able to bring our families as frequently to amusement parks, such as Disneyland, because we are unable to afford them anymore. But when one thinks of it, if you are now a member of the low-information, freeloader class receiving free housing, welfare, food stamps, etc., there is plenty of money available for such people to spend at such expensive amusement theme parks. I have taken the time to drive down the streets of homes within "federal housing projects," and I find the cars parked in these driveways to be ones that are significantly newer and higher priced than anything I drive. We are "spreading the wealth" to the point that middle class Americans are absolutely fed up with having our hard earned tax dollars being distributed to such freeloaders and deadbeats. We miss the old America.

Our Judaic/Christian Heritage:

The secular-liberals now control the nation and call all of the shots with the complete support of the White House, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Christianity is under attack like nothing I have ever seen or read in American history. Military chaplains are persecuted, Christmas celebrations in public forums are now banned, traditional morality is considered radical, yet stores nationwide sure continue to covet and love our dollars being spent on our national holiday to help keep them in business. Ironically, we continue to see signs greeting shoppers with Happy Holidays rather than Merry Christmas in the majority of our shopping centers. Our traditional culture is being torn asunder, and when traditional Americans cry "foul" we are accused of being intolerant bigots and haters while the strong arm of the state and federal governments come crashing down upon us like the hammer of Thor. We miss the old America.

Islam Invasion:

Secular-liberals, Democrats, and the federal government are bending over backwards to cooperate with Islamic radicals' demands, courting their favor and votes, while conveniently forgetting the fact that these same radicals would not hesitate to persecute and kill women, gays, Christians, Jews, and any other infidels they are intolerant of. All one need do is take a peek at what is currently transpiring in Europe and the Middle East, and I rest my case. Sharia Law here we come. The American Constitution and our Judaic/Christian heritage be damned. Muslims are demanding that their sacred holidays be permitted to be celebrated and embraced in our public schools, yet God forbid Christian and Jewish holidays be granted the same courtesy and respect in our public schools and other public forums.  We miss the old America.

The answer is quite simple. Traditional Americans need to take back our country. We need to reprise the old American hymn, Onward Christian Soldiers, and show up at the polls in 2014 and 2016 and  vote secular-liberals and RINOs out of office. We need to be bold, we need to cowboy and cowgirl up and restore the old America while we still can. My book, The Sissification of America: A Fifty-Year Decline in American Exceptionalism, explains how we got to the place where we currently are, and it offers some practical solutions as to how we can restore our beloved old America back to the foundation and traditions we were founded upon. Will you help us Patriots? Buy the book, read it, and please encourage your friends and family members to do likewise. It is an award-winning book and a great read with excellent reviews. We need to quit making excuses, be bold, take the bull by the horns, saddle up, and corral secular-liberals in order to brand them all with a giant "T" for being traitors to the American Constitution and the American people. We miss the old America. Do you?