Saturday, April 19, 2014

Is Another American Civil War Brewing?

THERE IS CURRENTLY bitter anger and resentment brewing in the boiling pot of American discontent with the tyranny being exhibited by our federal government as well as some state governments. When one thinks about it, history does have a tendency to repeat itself. Our federal government is not only out of touch with the average American, but all three branches consisting of the Legislative, Executive, and Judiciary, forget from whom or what they derive their authority to govern. They all need a basic refresher course in American history, civics, and economics, as well as a good swift kick in their butts for putting our nation at serious risk domestically and internationally.

WE ARE PRESENTLY at another defining moment in American history wherein Americans must determine once and for all whether we are going to be guided and governed by the US Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, or whether we are going to continue to be governed by elected officials and judges who only pay quaint lip service to that remarkable contract. It is extraordinarily ironic that our elected officials must pledge allegiance to the Constitution when they are sworn into office with the vow that they will obey and defend it, yet when they assume office and govern, many either neglect the Constitution or they totally sidestep that very oath they promised to obey! Do words and oaths of allegiance continue to mean anything anymore in this country, or have such obligatory oaths recited by various elected officials every two to four years become nothing more than just benign, hackneyed ceremonies of frivolity? Apparently that is so.

The picture of Dorothy above sheds some light as to how Americans' constitutional rights are being trampled upon by the federal government. In addition to the list pictured above, the federal government is also guilty of: attempting to confiscate our arms;  brown nosing Muslims; cozying up to the United Nations and internationalist bankers; shoving the unconstitutional ObamaCare down our throats which is reeking havoc and unprecedented financial hardship upon the American people and business while using the strong arm of the IRS bullies to enforce it; trampling upon the sovereign rights of the states guaranteed them by the Tenth Amendment; using the power of the IRS to target conservative groups such as the Tea Party; spying on God-fearing Americans through the NSA; relegating American Christians and Christianity to third class status or irrelevancy; thrashing and mocking the Constitution; spitting upon our history and the faces of our Founding Fathers and everything they sacrificed for this nation; illegally intimidating and threatening the lives of innocent Americans such as Cliven Bundy, cowboys, state militias, and protesters in Nevada; setting up illegal and restrictive "Free Speech Zones;" decimating and undermining America's Armed Forces; militarizing our local police forces and sheriff departments; and the list goes on and on ad nauseam.

THE FOLLOWING TWO maps reveal the mind-boggling extent of the illegal land grab of the federal government upon various western states, revealing just how much of the West the BLM owns. Various members of state legislatures including Montana, Nevada, Idaho, and Utah have held private meetings in Salt Lake City, discussing plans and strategies as to how they can reclaim their land from the tyrannical federal government. The federal government has also federalized the states' National Guards, and fourteen state governors are currently preparing to establish their own citizen militias in order to protect their citizens from the federal government. This is a repeat of 1776.

THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY has been hijacked by radical, secular-progressive extremists of the likes of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, to name just a few, who have forsaken the wise words of John F. Kennedy when he said:

     ...The right of the individual against the state has ever been one of our most cherished political principles. The American Constitution has set down for all men to see the essentially Christian and American principle, that there are certain rights held by every man which no government and no
majority, however powerful, can deny. Conceived in Grecian thought, strengthened by Christian morality and stamped indelibly into American political philosophy, the right of the individual 
against the state is the keystone of our Constitution. Each man is free.
    He is free in thought.
    He is free in expression.
    He is free in worship. 

HERE IS WHAT contemporary Democrats have resorted to....shamefully engaging in un-American politically correct hate speech, thoughts, and actions. Democrats and their political party have become the quintessential schoolyard bullies. Any mainstream American individual or conservative group who dares to disagree with their nefarious agenda while advocating for the opposing point of view might very well be castigated with the following litany of names by such leftists: right-wingers, rednecks, hillbillies, uneducated simpletons, gun-toting clingers to religion, unenlightened idiots, haters, intolerant bigots, racists, anti-public education, anti-immigrant, anti-choice, anti-environment, anti-African American, anti-Hispanic, mobsters, Nazis, Brownshirts, theocratic Christian radicals, conservative radio talk-show lackeys, Tea Baggers, town hall thugs, Southerners--and the list of terms goes on and on. You get the picture. Well, in reality, they would actually be describing the following citizens: Americans who devoutly believe in God, Blue-Dog Democrats, Reagan Democrats, Conservatives, Independents, Republicans of all stripes, Libertarians, Moderates, Fly-Over Countrymen, and Red-state Southerners. In other words, they are describing the vast majority of Americans who call the United States "home." Welcome to the club! And most add fuel to the fire, if any Patriot dared to show up and protest against the BLM at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, armed or unarmed, to help support and protect fellow innocent Americans against the BLM snipers, etc., Harry Reid is now calling such Americans..."Domestic Terrorists!" Do the Cowboys at the ranch pictured above resemble domestic terrorists to you? I think not, however, they do resemble American Patriots responding in the American tradition of daring to stand up to the tyranny of the Feds and their unconstitutional activities being perpetrated against American ranchers and the states. In addition, President Obama and Eric Holder have recently dared to accuse those Americans who disagree with them on policy matters, political philosophy, etc., as being racists. No longer is it acceptable to disagree with these politicians on the merits of their political philosophy and polices without being labeled a racist. Such ninnies are losing favor even with people belonging to their own party, so their typical response and strategy is to label conservatives as radical haters, domestic terrorists, and women haters.

THE AMERICAN PEOPLE are long suffering, but if our own history teaches us one thing, it is the fact that we will only tolerate the tyranny we are currently be subjected to for so long. American citizens are rising,  Christians and traditional Jews are rising, states are rising, governors are rising, military veterans are rising. If another Civil War occurs in the near future, it will not be a war fought over slavery or one fought between the North against the South. It will be a war pitting sovereign states against the ever increasing intrusive power and stranglehold of the federal government over our states' rights and individual rights. It will also be a war fought between conservatives and liberals. Conservative Patriots will stand up and sacrifice our lives, if necessary, to tame the wild federal beast as well as secular-liberals who are roaming about ready to devour anyone and anything that dares to challenge them. Are you listening Washington DC? Are you Democrats truly prepared to meet the juggernaut that is building from coast to coast? Is another Civil War brewing? I truly hope not, but only time will tell. God help us all.