Saturday, October 6, 2012

Father Knows Best or Schools/ACLU Know Best

Just recently, the Cranston school system in the state of Rhode Island banned its traditional Father/Daughter Dance.  The school system's superintendent Judith Lundsten said the school system made the decision because of a complaint from the ACLU.  Steven Brown of the Rhode Island ACLU is quoted to have said, "This is 2012 and they should not be in the business of fostering blatant gender stereotypes."

Chapter six of my book, The Sissification of America: A Fifty-Year Decline in American Exceptionalism, addresses issues that correlate directly with this outrageous decision. We have an epidemic of fatherless homes in America, and the Cranston school system is but another example of spineless public schools that shake and tremble when the ACLU Schoolyard Bullies enter school premises and throw their weight around because they supposedly know what is best for the nation's children!

By throwing out the traditional Father/Daughter Dance, fathers and their critical influence upon their daughters are basically relegated to ridiculous claims of "gender stereotypes."  As my book so aptly opines: "We no longer occupy the land of Father Knows Best.  On the contrary, we occupy the land of Father Knows Nothing."

This is but another example that illustrates how, as a nation, we are feminizing our public schools.  God forbid that we should extol the importance of fatherhood in America.  One single mom files a complaint on behalf of her fatherless daughter, claiming her daughter is being discriminated against by a school system that is supposedly engaging in gender stereotypes and all daughters in Rhode Island must suffer for all of this tomfoolery!  And of course, the school system just caves to the demands of the ACLU like a bunch of spineless, sniveling wimps!  It is time for "vouchers" and "school choice" my fellow Americans, and I am a public school teacher by profession.  Take that bit of news teachers' unions, put it in your pipes-and smoke it!  Oh I forgot, all smoking is now verboten!


  1. How very true...we are not doing our young men and women any favors by abducating their education to the government and special interest groups!

  2. So true. These girls need their fathers as role models and this is a great bonding moment. Even she a girl has no father Uncles, relatives or friends of the family often times step up to fill in. He ACLU has no business putting their Noses in this. They are a Cancer to America and everyone they are after need to stand up to them. If everyone would Stop them from pushing them around they may just go away

  3. I will be checking out your book on my kindle. Ty. Say your post on FB my sister will be getting a copy of your book from me too